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Why Remove The Snow From Your Roof?

Kovar contracting offers snow and ice removal for Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients on an either an as needed basis (call us when you feel there is too much snow) or on a pre-arranged plan (e.g. after xx cm of snow have fallen).’

Heavy snowfall can create two types of problems:

  • Structural damage from excess weight
  • Ice damming caused when melted snow refreezes at the base of your roof, preventing snow from leaving the roof and water to be forced under your shingles and inside your house.
  • Large chunks of ice (like the kind that dangle from your roof) are also dangerous should they fall off, injuring people or property.

The latter is most common in Ottawa especially in homes with blocked eavestroughs and/or downspouts, insufficient insulation or attics without ventilation.

Service Breakdown

What Do We Offer?

  • Remove snow from your roof (and then from steps or walkways where it landed)
  • While we are there we’d be happy to do your shed or gazebo roof also
  • Safe removal of ice dams from your roof
  • Installation of commercial grade heat trace cable systems

Our service area includes Carp, Stittsville, Kanata, Nepean, West Ottawa and beyond.

Why Hire Kovar for Rooftop Snow Removal

We are fully Insured, Better Business Bureau Accredited (BBB), and we maintain a Workmanship Guarantee on all work performed. We specialize in snow and roof ice dam removal for residential, commercial, industrial, flat Roofs, sloped and metal roofs.

If the Snow Buildup is Only at the Bottom Edge of my Roof, do I Still Need to Remove it?

Yes you should because if there is a thaw and there is nowhere for the water to flow, the end result is leaks and water back-ups into your home. There is also the risk of large chunks of ice that can fall off the roof onto a car or person. Preventing the snow from building up prevents ice dams.

Should I Hire You for Snow Removal, Heat Trace Cables or Updating the Insulation in my Attic?

Like all home upgrade questions, there is no one right answer for every house. If it has been 10 ore more years since your insulation was last touched, then consider upgrading your insulation as a first step as it will not only help prevent potentially dangerous icicle formation, but will save money on heating costs. If you are planning to replace your roof in the coming year or two, perhaps you’d prefer to hold off on heat trace cables and have us remove snow for now. Some housing styles will likely always suffer from ice damming and might also benefit from heat trace cables. Even with these cables, it is a good idea to remove snow from the edges of the roof on a regular basis – it makes the job of the heat cable easier!

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