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Rooftop ventilation isn’t something that people often think about, but is an essential piece of every home. When you look at your roof you might notice the vents sitting near the top center of your roof. The vents often have a mushroom-like shape with a wide top and narrow bottom. Rooftop ventilation allows air to circulate through a house’s attic. Without proper rooftop ventilation, a roof is at more risk of many physical dangers. Improper ventilation can also lead to infestations such as mold which can impact the quality of air in a home. These problems can cause long-lasting issues and be very costly to repair.   

For all of your rooftop ventilation needs, trust our team of professionals at Kovar Roofing to provide affordable and reliable work! 

That is why rooftop ventilation is one of the most important functions in a house, helping protect homeowners from unnecessary risk, and damage to their house and save money on repairs. 

Rooftop ventilation helps to balance indoor temperatures, extend the roof’s life, and reduce the cost of energy. A house that doesn’t have a properly installed rooftop ventilation system is likely to:   

Have temperature regulation issues

Be at a higher risk of house fires

Be at higher risk of ice damming in the winter

Accumulate condensation and moisture

Take damage to its roof easier

Have an unstable roof

Have rotting and mold in its attic

That is why rooftop ventilation is one of the most important functions in a house, helping protect homeowners from unnecessary risk, and damage to their house and save money on repairs. 

That is why rooftop ventilation is one of the most important functions in a house, helping protect homeowners from unnecessary risk, and damage to their house and save money on repairs. 

Professional roof ventilation installation by Kovar Roofing —

The Importance Of Roof Ventilation in Ottawa

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper attic and roof ventilation! While you likely don’t spend too much of your time up there, proper attic ventilation is crucial to maintain and extend the life of your roof. Getting proper rooftop ventilation installed by professional roofing experts is an investment in your home and roof as it can help prevent much more costly repairs down the line.

At its base, rooftop ventilation does two things: it allows cool, fresh air to enter the attic at the eave or soffit areas of the roof while also exhausting hot, moist, air from the attic. This heat and moisture can cause serious problems for your roof and attic such as:

  • Moisture which can damage the structure of your roof system
  • Mold growing in the warm, moist, environment
  • Prevent damage to your roof shingles by preventing them from overheating and prematurely age.
  • Wasted energy from overheated attics which require more energy to cool in the summer
  • Melting the snow on the roof and creating ice dams

Prevent these costly problems with Kovar Roofing We will install, repair, and replace your rooftop attic ventilation ensuring your roof will last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is roof ventilation?

Roof ventilation is the system that provides air circulation throughout your home via intake and exhaust vents. Without adequate roof ventilation, hot air that rises inside your home will be trapped and can lead to a wide variety of problems.

How does rooftop ventilation prevent ice dams?

Ice dams are build ups of ice on the eaves and sloped roofs of a building. Ice dams can cause serious damage to your home such as leads and damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Ice dams are caused when snow melts on a hot roof, and then freezes as ice. Rooftop ventilation protects against ice dams by preventing your attic from overheating. This means the snow will not melt on your roof and cause ice dams.

What are the benefits of proper roof ventilation?

Proper attic and roof ventilation offers countless advantages to homeowners, including:

– Circulating air to prevent the build up of hot air in the attic – helping controlling the temperature in your home

– It helps prevent moisture buildup in your attic

– Proper air circulation with adequate roof ventilation helps make your home more energy efficient

– Roof ventilation helps protect your roof and will increase its lifespan

How does roof ventilation work?

The two methods of proper air circulation and roof ventilation are through natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation. Hot air rises and if you have vents installed on your roof, this can naturally help release the hot air and circulate cooler air. Mechanical ventilations requires a constant source of energy to keep the air flow circulating. Mechanical roof ventilation is only necessary if your roof doesn’t allow for adequate air flow.

What types of ventilation are there?

The type of ventilation system that you choose for your roof will depend on your the type of roof that you have and your own specific needs. Some roof ventilation options include:

Soffit Vents: Soffit vents are installed underneath the eaves of a roof and extend past the wall line. They allow fresh air to enter into the attic – promoting air flow and circulation. Soffit vents are the best option for air intake.

Ridge Vents: Ridge vents run along the ridgeline of a house and function to allow the release of hot rising air in the attic.

Wind Turbines: Wind turbines are attached on the roof and are designed to catch wind to cycle hot air out of your home and replace it with cool air.

Attic Ventilators: Attic ventilators are a form of mechanical ventilation for homes that don’t get a lot of wind exposure. It’s an electric vent that needs to continuously run to circulate air.

Does every roof need a vent?

Every home should have adequate roof ventilation installed to promote air circulation and to allow hot air to be released instead of being built up in the attic. As a general rule of thumb, your home should have a vent for every 150-300 sq ft. of your attic.

How does proper ventilation help reduce my home cooling costs?

Unventilated attics get very hot – much hotter than elsewhere in your home. As a result, your cooling system has to work much harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. Proper attic ventilation allows for the hot air to escape and cooler air to enter your attic space, meaning your air conditioning unit does not have to work as hard.

What causes mold in attics? How can proper ventilation prevent it?

Mold thrives in warm, moist environments where they have sufficient food sources i.e the wood in your attic. Unventilated attics provide the perfect such environment for mold to grow and become a real problem. Mold can get out of control when it is left to grow unsupervised, and many people go years without going into their attics. Proper ventilation helps prevent the buildup of warm, moist, air in your attic by cycling cool air from outside. This is a very important step in reducing the probability of a mold problem in your attic.

Is Kovar Roofing fully licensed and insured?

Yes we are. Kovar Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing company. We have liability insurance for up to $5,000,000 so you can know that you’re getting reliable, top-quality service.

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When dealing with contractors, you want to have a certain level of assurance that the work they do matches a certain standard. Any self-respecting contractor that believes in the quality of their work will understand that and provide warranties and other assurances. That is why Kovar Roofing has the warranties, certifications, and customer recommendations to back up every project we complete:

Workmanship Warranty

all projects completed by our team come with a minimum written, 10-year workmanship warranty

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We only use the highest quality roofing materials by leading industry manufacturers

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We don’t ask for any upfront payments. We believe that our job is only done when you are satisfied with the work.

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Every member of our crew has attended our own Kovar Contracting’s Safety Policy Workshop which includes training on working at heights, WHMIS, fall protection, and other safety training


We offer up to $5,000,000 in liability coverage, and all workers are covered by the Work Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

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Professional roof ventilation installation by Kovar Roofing —

Extend Your Roof’s Life with Proper Roof Ventilation & Ductwork

Making sure that your roof stays in great shape for as long as possible means making sure you have the best rooftop ventilation. Kovar Roofing installs, replaces, and repairs roof ventilation with quality to save you from expensive damage and repairs down the line. Hiring a professional team to install, replace or repair your rooftop ventilation ensures that the work will be done safely and thoroughly.  

Our professional rooftop ventilation installation, replacement and repair services use special equipment to ensure that the work is completed with great quality and that your house remains a safe place while they work. Roof ventilation is a cost-effective way to prevent damage to your roof, lower power bills and, prevent ice dams in winter. No matter the season, roof ventilation is essential to maintain your home. 

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