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Certified Roof Leak Repair Professionals 

You probably know the phrase “a roof over your head.” The phrase indicates how important a roof is. A roof provides shelter and protection; it conveys comfort and stability. But a leaking roof does not only damage your home on a metaphorical level – more importantly, it damages it on a structural level. And the longer you wait to repair it, the worse the problem will get. The worse the problem gets, the more it costs to fix it.

That is why it is so important to fix even the smallest leak in your roof right away. You might be tempted to do the repair yourself and save money. But unless you are a professional roofer, we would strongly advise against that idea. Not only can fixing a leak on your roof be dangerous. You may also inadvertently cause more damage in the long run, which in turn will cost you more money.

When you find a leak in your roof, call our experts at Kovar Roofing. As Ottawa’s leading roofing contractor, our professional team brings years of experience in leaking roof repairs in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We are fully licensed and insured, and have a long list of satisfied customers and positive testimonials and reviews.

So if you have a leak in your roof, then don’t wait to get it fixed. Contact us today for a free quote!

The Materials We Use

We believe that the best job is only as good as the material that is used. In other words: if you do not use high-quality materials, it doesn’t matter how expertly the job is done – the lack of quality of the material will show sooner rather than later. That is why we at Kovar Contracting only use high-quality materials from the best manufacturers and state-of-the-art technology to ensure your roof is made to last.

We currently offer three types of materials:

  • Asphalt Shingles : the most popular type of roofing in North America are asphalt shingles. Their combination of low prices and long lifespan make them a very cost-efficient option. Plus: there is a variety of colours and styles to choose from. Their downside: asphalt shingles are susceptible to damage and likely require occasional repairs.
  • Cedar Shakes : cedar shakes are less popular than asphalt shingles, but they look great and add value to your home. Cedar shakes are made of hand-split cedar wood products that allow the natural grains of the wood to shine. They are usually made to order, which prolongs the process but gives your roof a nice, custom tone. While they are a little more expensive, cedar shakes last longer than other types of shingles which balances out the cost in the long-term.
  • Metal Roofing : while admittedly not as elegant as asphalt shingles or cedar shakes, sheet metal roofs are very resistant and can last longer than both shingles and shakes. However, they are also more expensive. We offer Wakefield Bridge Metal Shingle, Standing Seam Install and Americana Panel.

Whatever material you choose, our team at Kovar Roofing will make sure that your roof will be made to last. Please also feel free to consult our experts for any questions and details on the different types of materials.

Certifications and Warranties

When you hire a contractor to replace or repair something as essential as your roof, you naturally want to know that your project is in good hands. Warranties and certifications provide you with the assurance that your project will be done professionally and successfully. We at Kovar Roofing are proud to say that all our installers are manufacturer-certified and trained, enabling us to offer our customers the best warranties, including:

  • Certainteed Sure Start PLUS 5 Star – a 50-Year Warranty (offered only by a select few contractors. Covers not only the materials for 50 years, but also the workmanship for 25 years.)
  • BP Certified 50-Year Warranty
  • Royal 10 Vinyl Siding
  • Velux 20-Year Product Warranty
  • BP Product Warranty

But warranties are only one side of the coin. We have also earned the following certifications and ratings that represent our dedication and underline the quality of our work:

  • Certified 5 Star Shingle Masters for Certainteed
  • A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Certified Velux Skylight installers
  • Best of 2017-2020 Homestars
  • Best of the BEST Homestars 2020
  • Best of 2018 Trust Pros
  • Best of 2018-2019 Houzz

It may start with warped or peeling paint. Or perhaps you notice a pungent, kind of earthy smell. Those may be early signs of a roof leak. Once you notice them it is time to move fast. Therefore, it is all the more important that you are aware of what to look for so you can reach out to us. Our professional roofing experts at Kovar Roofing will perform any kind of roof leak repair in Ottawa and the surrounding area. 

We have already looked at common signs of roof leaks. But a sign is like a symptom: once it develops, the damage has already been done. The key then is to prevent recurring damage and that starts by understanding how a leak can develop in the first place. Here are some common causes of roof leaks.

  • Cracked Flashing : the flashing is essentially the barrier of your roof underneath the shingles. It is usually made of aluminum, metal or steel. Needless to say, if this barrier is cracked or broken, it leaves your roof susceptible to leaks.
  • Broken Roof Shingles : the good news about broken or missing shingles is that they are easy to spot. Make sure to call your trusted roofing contractor once you notice a broken or missing shingle to fix your roof leak in Ottawa.
  • Damaged Vents : Another cause for your roof leak may be a damaged roof vent. The vents are designed to protect your roof from heat and moisture but a damaged vent may actually let in water through cracks or edges, causing damage to your roof.
  • Chimney Cracks : cracks in your chimney usually appear in the mortared area, especially at the point where the stack and the flashing of your roof connect.
  • Defective Skylights : skylights are beautiful and douse your attic in natural light. However, poorly installed or insulated skylights are a leading cause of leaking roofs. If you notice rainwater leaking around the edges of your skylight, contact your roofing expert immediately.

While some causes are easy to spot, others are rather delicate and will become apparent during maintenance. Our roofing experts at Kovar Roofing have a trained eye for common causes of leaks and are ready to perform any roof leak repairs in Ottawa.


Kovar Roofing offers more than merely removing the snow off your roof. We also clean up the steps or walkways where it lands after we remove it. Further, we will gladly also provide the same service for shed and gazebo roofs.



Common Signs of a Leaking Roof Repairs Ottawa

It is important to fix a leaking roof as soon as possible. Noticing one of the signs below means that the leak has become severe enough to be noticed – and requires immediate attention to prevent even more severe damage. Signs can show up on the interior or exterior of your house. It is therefore important to have your roof inspected regularly by experts who can detect small issues right away thanks to their experience and know-how.

Roof Leak Warning Signs (Interior)

  • Stains or damp spots on ceilings, around air vents, and fireplaces : this should go almost without saying, but if you notice stains or dark, damp spots in any of these areas, contact your roofing experts at Kovar Roofing for consultation to fix the roof leak in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.
  • Occasional unexplained dripping sounds inside your home : there can be a number of reasons for a dripping sound, such as a leaky faucet or toilet problems. If you can rule out the obvious answers, it may be time to ask your trusted roofing contractor. Those dripping sounds may come from within your walls and be a result from a leak in your roof.
  • Musty smells in the upper parts of your home : water has the tendency to give things a certain musty, earthy smell once they are wet, whether it is clothes, leafs or your home. If you notice such a smell (and it gets stronger as you go upstairs), the source may be your roof.
  • Warped, bubbling or peeling wall paint : much like the dripping sounds, this one indicates moisture in your walls and ceilings. This may be caused by a leak in your roof as well. As soon as you notice your paint doing weird things, it is time to investigate the reason behind it right away.

Roof Leak Warning Signs (Exterior)

  • Loose or missing shingles on your roof : shingles fulfill a variety of tasks. Not only do they make your roof more attractive, but they also add a layer of protection for the other parts underneath, like the underlayment and sheathing. Needless to say, missing parts of the first layer of protection is not a good sign. If you notice loose or missing shingles, you should contact the experts at Kovar Roofing right away to fix or replace the affected shingles.
  • Buckling and or curling of shingles : when shingles ‘buckle’ it means that they look like something is underneath them and trying to push them out. ‘Curling’ shingles, like the name indicates, look like they are trying to curl up. They see their side and edges turn up.
  • Clogged or loose gutters and downspouts : most clogged gutters are the result of a clogged downspout as it prevents the gutters to properly drain. In turn, this can cause water to accumulate and looking for other ways to drain, affecting your roof and causing leaks.
  • Moss or mold growing on the side of your home : this one seems pretty obvious. Moss and mold require moisture to grow. If they grow on the side of your home, chances are that there is water damage – and potentially a problem with your roof.
  • Noticeable spots of discolouration on your roof : the discolouration points to an accumulation of water. Much like moss or mold, this sign points towards water damage that could be caused by a leaking roof.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Choose Kovar Roofing For Roof Repair & Replacement Services in Ottawa?

When engaging with contractors, it’s essential to seek a level of assurance that their work aligns with specific standards. Any reputable contractor, committed to the excellence of their craft, recognizes this need and offers warranties and other assurances accordingly. This is precisely why Kovar Roofing stands out, backed by warranties, certifications, and customer recommendations, affirming the quality of every project we undertake.

Workmanship Warranty

All projects completed by our team come with a minimum written, 10-year workmanship warranty

Quality Guarantee

We carry a number of warranties and certifications. For more information on those please see our Certifications below.

Leading Manufacturers

We only use the highest quality roofing materials by leading industry manufacturers

Trained and Certified

Every member of our crew has attended our own Kovar Contracting’s Safety Policy Workshop which includes training on working at heights, WHMIS, fall protection, and other safety training

No Upfront Payments

We don’t ask for any upfront payments. We believe that our job is only done when you are satisfied with the work.


We offer up to $5,000,000 in liability coverage, and all workers are covered by the Work Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Highly Recommended

It is obvious that we believe in our work and only natural for you to look for impressions by other customers. There are numerous private third-party sides with testimonials of our customers. Two examples are Homestars and Google.

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Roof Repair Services Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Common Roof Repairs & Replacement Ottawa

Roofing repairs & replacement are equipped for any kind of repair: from replacing shingles to repairing roof fixtures. Here are just a few of the roof repairs in Ottawa that we at Kovar Roofing perform.

roofing repairs ottawa

Underlayment Repairs

The roofing underlayment is fixed between your roof deck and your roofing repairs. It is essentially an extra, waterproof layer of protection between the shingles and your roof deck. If there is damage to your shingles or underlayment, the continued exposure to moisture can cause damage to the roof deck – which can be costly to repair or replace.

A roofing underlayment is not essential to a roof, but it is definitely recommended. If your roof is lacking an underlayment or if your underlayment requires fixing, you can contact us at Kovar Roofing today.

roof repair ottawa

Roof Fixture Repairs

Roof fixtures are things like your vents and chimneys. Any damage to these fixtures can also cause damage to the rest of your roof. Some of these damages, such as flashing or sealant repairs, can be relatively inexpensive – if detected early. However, these issues can progress and cause structural damage to the fixture itself which escalates the problem and makes repairs more difficult and expensive.

Our roof repair experts at Kovar Roofing can take a look at your roof fixtures and take care of any damage – small or big.

Roof Replacement Ottawa

Skylight Repairs

Skylights are a wonderful way to give your attic some natural light. The big downside of skylights though is that they are prone to leaking. The reason is simple: skylights interrupt the roof’s surface. Whereas rain would usually just flow down the smooth surface of the roof and collect in the drain, the crevices of a skylight give it the opportunity to build up and collect. The result is that tiny amounts of water, can find their way through – and eventually grow into a leak.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to contact a roofing contractor right away to fix the sealant before the leak can grow and cause further damage, requiring even more expensive (and expensive) repairs. The roof repair experts at Kovar Roofing can assess the situation and prevent further damage to your skylight. 

Roof Repairs & Replacement Services Ottawa

Shingle Repairs

Even the most durable shingles can get worn out, weathered, and damaged. Other times, shingles may get torn off by high winds. Whatever your individual case may be: if you have damaged or missing shingles on your roof, you want to repair or replace them as quick as possible. The reason is simple and goes beyond cosmetics: damaged or missing shingles can result in leaks, which in turn can cause significantly more damage.

Our roof repair experts are trained in repairing or replacing all types of shingles, from asphalt and slate to fiberglass or any other kind of shingles. If you have damaged or missing shingles, we can provide help with quick and affordable repairs.

Best Roof Replacement Ottawa

Experience the best roof replacement in Ottawa with Kovar Roofing. We go beyond the ordinary, ensuring your property remains clean and safe. Choose Kovar Roofing for excellence that extends beyond roof replacement, providing a complete solution for your property needs.


Trusted Roofing Repairs Company

Finding the right contractor can be a bit of a daunting task, especially when you don’t have friends or family that can refer somebody from their own experience. However, there are a few very basic rules that you can follow to ensure that you end up with a reputable company that provides quality work and leaves you satisfied with the end result.

1. Insurance and Warranties

It is absolute essential for any reputable contractor to provide installation and liability insurance for all its employees and subcontractors. Feel free to ask for proof of such – a company that provides insurance should not have a problem with providing the evidence. Also make sure that your roofing contractor offers solid warranties, such as workmanship warranty.

2. Check For Certifications and Reviews

Even if you don’t know anybody that has shopped for a roof in the last few years, make sure to check the certifications and reviews of the contractors you are looking at. Thanks to the internet, you should be able to find a number of reviews for any contractor. With regards to certifications: feel free to dig a little deeper: find out what they mean and ask your potential contractor about them.

3. Get Options and Pricing

Of course, pricing is important. After all, you are (most likely) working with a certain budget. However, pricing is not everything. Quality does have its price. So if a contractor’s price is way below the average, chances are that the quality of their work is too – which, in turn, leads to more expenses sooner rather than later. A good roofing company will also work with you and provide you with different options and inform you about the pros and cons of every one of them (for example price, timeline, materials).

4. Get Everything in Writing

Any reputable contractor will put their job details and pricing in writing before they begin. This is done to ensure that both parties are in agreement about the terms of the job. Make sure to ask when the job will start and how long it will likely take. Also do not hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear to you. Some contractors may also ask for a deposit, which in itself is not a warning sign – however, if the deposit seems rather high (25% or more), you should probably think twice about it.

5. You Contact Them, Not the Other Way Around

Perhaps your roof has been damaged in a recent storm and, as luck would have it, a roofing company knocks on your door. You might think it a stroke of luck, but beware: these are essentially salesmen trying to take advantage of your misfortune and sell their services. Do not agree or sign to anything when put on the spot, no matter how good the offer may sound. Ask the contractor for their information, conduct your research in a timely manner and, if you are satisfied with the results, give them a call.

Roof Leak Repair FAQ’s

How Serious Is a Roof Leak?

We can’t emphasize enough how significant even a minor leak in your roof is: the smallest leak can, over time, turn into massive damage and threaten the entire roof to collapse. It is therefore important to call a roofing expert as soon as you notice even tiny leaks.

Is a small roof leak a big deal?

A small roof leak might seem like a big deal. You might think that there is no rush to fix it in the middle of the summer. You might tell yourself that you can save up the money and have it fixed a few months down the road, what’s the harm? But the fact is that any leak, no matter how small, can quickly grow into significant structural damage once the water begins to soak into the wood structures under your shingles.

Once the water penetrates the first layer of protection, there is also no real way to stop it. The initial small leak will grow over time – as will the rot. If ignored too long, the once small leak can eventually cause your roof to collapse.

We can’t overemphasize the importance of keeping your roof intact! If you notice a leak in your roof, contact Kovar Roofing, the leading experts for roof leak repairs in Ottawa, today!

Is a Roof Leak Covered by Insurance?

It depends on your individual situation, but many homeowner’s insurance policies cover the cost of repairs for a leaking roof. Make sure to check with your insurance provider to see what is covered and what isn’t.

Does Wet Ceiling Drywall Need to be Replaced?

Yes. When drywall gets wet, its structural integrity becomes compromised. That represents a safety risk for the inhabitants of the home. There is also the cosmetic matter as wet drywall causes ugly stains which can’t be removed.

What Are the Most Common Causes of a Roof Leak?

There are a variety of causes for your roof to leak. There are generally four aspects though that can be the root of your roof leak:

  • Human Error : humans make mistakes. Your roof may simply suffer from poor workmanship. Improper installation of parts of the roof can cause damage sooner than you would have otherwise anticipated.


  • Seams : wherever there are seams there are possibilities for gaps, especially as your roof gets older. The affected areas can be around flashing, between overlapped membranes, chimneys, roof vents, etc.


  • Neglect : maintaining your roof is very important. Basic maintenance work should be done at least twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. Neglecting to properly maintain your roof will inevitably cause damage to your roof and shorten its lifespan.


  • Weather : extreme weather events can damage a roof and cause a leak in an instant. High winds can strip old shingles and hail may break shingles and roof decking. Excess snow can even cause cracks in the roof due to its weight.
Why should you call a professional roof repair contractor?

Whether you’re a regular everyday handyman, or you have no clue what you’re doing, it’s in your best interest to get a professional roof leak contractor to inspect your roof. The sooner you can find the source of your roof leaking, the sooner you can get it fixed and reduce the potential complications if left unresolved.

A roof leak repair contractor is experienced and trained to inspect your roof, find the source of your leak, and provide a reliable and effective solution. Make sure to look over your roof warranty and insurance coverage. Contractors have their own liability insurance should anything go wrong. So save yourself the trouble and the dangers of inspecting your roof by yourself. Call on the roof leak repair experts at Kovar Roofing!

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