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Residential Roofing in Ottawa

Whether you are shopping for a contractor to add a roof to your new home or want to replace, repair or maintain your existing roof: the residential roofing contractors at Kovar Roofing got you covered! We are experts in all aspects of Ottawa residential roofing.

Residential Re-Roofing

Sometimes, a roof can be in relatively good shape, but its shingles are getting old and don’t look their best anymore. In that case, you have essentially two options. You can either opt to re-cover your roof although that is mostly a cosmetic solution and not all that helpful. Alternatively, you can choose to re-roof. Re-roofing recovers or replaces an existing roof covering. One big upside to re-roofing is that the roofing professionals will also be able to see damage underneath the first layer and fix those issues as well, reinforcing your roof for the long-term. If you are thinking about re-roofing your roof, call the residential re-roofing specialists at Kovar Roofing!

Residential Roof Repair

As roofs are exposed to the elements all the time, it is only natural for them to suffer occasional damages. Whether minor or major damage occurs to your roof, you will want to have it fixed right away: even the smallest leak will eventually grow into a larger issue and threaten the structural integrity of your roof. The experts at Kovar Roofing specialize in residential roof repair and are ready to fix your Ottawa residential roofing.

Residential Roof Maintenance

Most severe damages to a roof can be avoided through regular inspection by residential roofing contractors. An experienced professional can detect small damages or potential weaknesses in your roof and address them right away. Much like with anything else: the better you take care of your roof, the longer it will last.

We also offer more services with regards to Ottawa residential roofing, from rooftop snow removal to Velux skylight installation. Feel free to browse our website for more information or contact us directly at (613) 799-1704 or via email at


Why Choose Residential Roof Repairs Ottawa?

There are a lot of residential roofing companies out there, so you will naturally ask why you should give your roof into our hands. One good indicator is that we actively encourage you to ask this question. We are confident in our ability, skills, and quality of work – which is also the reason provide a minimum 10-year workmanship warranty for all our projects. We also do not ask for any upfront payments. You do not pay us until our job is done and you are satisfied.

If you are still hesitant, we would like to also provide you with feedback that we received from previous customers. We believe that nothing underlines our expertise more than the quality of our previous work, so please see our Homestars, Houzz and Google reviews. Also feel free to reach out to us for any questions at (613) 799-1704 or via email at

We Guarantee Quality Work

Finding a qualified roofing contractor can seem like an overwhelming task. Warranties and certifications can offer some guidance as for the quality of the contractor’s work and provide you with the assurance that your project will be done professionally and successfully. We at Kovar Roofing are proud not only of our certifications, but also to offer a variety of warranties to give you peace of mind. Further, all our installers are manufacturer-certified and trained.

Here are just some of our warranties and certifications:

  • Certainteed Sure Start PLUS 5 Star – a 50-Year Warranty (offered only by a select few contractors. Covers not only the materials for 50 years, but also the workmanship for 25 years.)
  • BP Certified 50-Year Warranty
  • Royal 10 Vinyl Siding
  • Velux 20-Year Product Warranty
  • BP Product Warranty
  • Certified 5 Star Shingle Masters for Certainteed
  • A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Certified Velux Skylight installers
  • Best of 2017-2020 Homestars
  • Best of the BEST Homestars 2020
  • Best of 2018 Trust Pros
  • Best of 2018-2019 Houzz

We also offer a minimum 10-year workmanship warranty – that is how confident we are in our work. For more information on our warranties and certifications, as well as our services, please contact us at (613) 799-1704 or via email at

Common Questions About Residential Roofing

What Re-Roofing Options Do I Have?

Re-Roofing does not necessarily mean to replace your entire existing roof – although that is the better option in most cases. A complete re-roofing allows the roofing experts to check the components underneath the shingles, including the sheathing. It is the pricier option but it may save you money in the long run compared to simply re-covering your existing roof with a new layer of shingles.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Checked?

Your roof requires regular maintenance, just like your car. Ideally, you should have your roof checked by a professional roofer twice a year. Since winter is the longest season in Canada, we recommend having your roof inspected in the fall and the spring. However, if you notice any issues such as leaks or broken shingles, do not wait until the next inspection and contact your roofing professional right away.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Roof?

It really depends on what type of roof you have, how well it was installed, the quality of the materials, and how well it has been taken care of. On average, common asphalt shingle roofs should last you about 15-20 years, metal roofs around twice that long. Clay tiles can even last an entire lifetime!

When is the Best Time to Replace My Roof?

Much like most construction work, it is ideally done in the warmer and dryer seasons. You can technically also have your roof redone in winter, but be aware that factors like snow, ice, and rain can delay the process.

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