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Ottawa Eavestrough Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Eavestroughs commonly referred to as gutters, are a crucial component of any roof system. As inconspicuous as they are, they fulfill the important task of collecting rainwater and diverting it from the roof to the ground, away from your home, protecting it from costly, structural damage caused by water. Like any other part of your roof, though, eavestroughs in Ottawa also require regular inspections, proper maintenance and occasional repairs.
Kovar Roofing provides reliable and affordable solutions to your eavestrough needs, from installation and replacement to cleaning and repair.


Gutter Installation in Ottawa

When the rain (or snow) falls on your roof, the water eventually has to go somewhere. While the slant of your roof, in combination with gravity will divert the water from your roof, there is one problem: without a sort of barrier that collects the water, it would simply slide off your roof, down your walls, and seep into the ground around your home. This can, over time, cause damage to the house, for example:

Soil Erosion

Dead plants due to overwatering

Basement flooding

Damaged or stained exterior walls

Damage to foundation walls

It is therefore important to have eavestroughs (a.k.a. gutters) installed on your roof. By collecting the rainwater (and melted snow) from your roof and diverting it away from your home, eavestroughs in Ottawa protect the foundation of your house, its exterior walls, and any surrounding landscaping.

Much like with any other part of your roof – or house, for that matter – you will want professionals with the proper training to take care of your eavestrough installation in Ottawa. The expert team at Kovar Roofing can help with your gutter installation in Ottawa.


Ottawa Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

The same principle that applies to even small repairs holds true for proper maintenance. It is important to clean and maintain your eavestrough properly and regularly (at least twice a year) to make sure that they remain in perfect shape.

While maintaining your gutter may seem like a simple task that you could do yourself, it is definitely advisable to hire a professional contractor for the task. Not only do contractors have the experience and equipment to perform the task safely, but they also use special tools to clean hard-to-reach areas and remove any potential hazards from your gutters. A routine eavestrough cleaning by our professionals at Kovar Roofing also involves a thorough inspection to make sure leaking corners are sealed, downspouts have proper guards installed and a final rinsing of your eavestrough to ensure its proper function.


The Dangers of Clogged Eavestroughs in Ottawa

Much like a toilet or sink, the drainage system on your roof can clog and prevent water from properly draining. In the winter, ice dams can build up to similar effects, not to mention that the expanding ice can warp your eavestrough.

But eavestroughs – or more specifically downspouts – not only protect your roof. They also protect the other end of your home: your foundation. By directing water away from your home, a downspout prevents water from seeking into the ground too close to your foundation and any damage resulting from it.

For example, water can freeze in the soil in the long Ottawa winters. The water expands in the process and, if it is too close to your foundation, can cause cracks. Imagine this process repeating for a number of years and your basement can become very susceptible to water damage and mould, not to mention the structural damage.

While it likely will not smell as bad as clogged toilets or sinks, the results of clogged eavestroughs can be severe as water will accumulate on your roof and look for alternative places to escape, which can lead to costly water damage and roof leaks. This defeats the entire purpose of gutters. It is therefore very important to ensure that your drainage system works properly and regular maintenance are the key to ensuring that.

Proper drainage can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs over the years and keep your house in tip-top shape. But having a good, lasting drainage system installed is only half of the task. The other half is proper maintenance to ensure that the drainage system keeps doing its job properly over a long period of time.


Eavestrough Repair in Ottawa

Because eavestroughs in Ottawa play an important part in protecting your home from long-term damage caused by rain, they require regular cleaning and inspection. Think of it like a leak in your roof: you don’t want water to enter your house and cause damage from the inside. The same holds true for damage from the outside, right?

A damaged or poorly installed gutter can lead to damage to your home in the long run. Much like a leak in your roof, a small malfunction can grow into a bigger issue until it is too late and your home requires costly repairs.

That is why having your eavestroughs in Ottawa inspected regularly by professional roofing experts is so important for the overall maintenance of your home. They can detect small damages and malfunctions that may require quick fixing. A small gutter repair in Ottawa by a professional roofing expert may save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs of water damage down the line


Your Eavestrough & Gutter Repair Experts in Ottawa

At Kovar Roofing, we are experts at eavestrough installation, maintenance and repairs. When working on eavestroughs, we look at all angles to ensure that the right gutters for your home are used, that they are installed properly and in full working order, and that any water on your roof drains away from the home so that the foundation, exterior walls, and landscaping are all protected from water damage.

If you think (or know) you may have an issue with your eavestroughs in Ottawa, require maintenance, or if you are looking to replace and repair eavestroughs in ottawa on your home, then contact us today! We will be happy to help you get your gutters in top shape so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected throughout the year from the rain and melting snow on your roof.


Ottawa Eavestrough Installation & Repair for Whole Home Protection

At Kovar Roofing, we are experts at eavestrough installation and repairs. When working on eavestroughs, we look at all of the angles to ensure that the right gutters for your home are used, that they are installed properly and in full working order, and that any water on your roof drains away from the home so the foundation, exterior walls, and landscaping are all protected.

If you think you may have an issue with your eavestroughs, know you have an issue that needs to be fixed, or are looking to replace the eavestroughs on your home, then contact us today! We would be happy to help you get your gutters in top shape so you can rest easy knowing that your home is well protected from the rain and melting snow that is on your roof.


Reasons To Hire Kovar Roofing

When dealing with contractors, you want to have a certain level of assurance that the work they do matches a certain standard. Any self-respecting contractor that believes in the quality of their work will understand that and provide warranties and other assurances. That is why Kovar Roofing has the warranties, certifications, and customer recommendations to back up every project we complete:

  • Workmanship Warranty : all projects completed by our team come with a minimum written, 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Quality Guarantee : we carry a number of warranties and certifications. For more information on those please see the Certifications tab
  • Leading Manufacturers : we only use the highest quality roofing materials from leading industry manufacturers
  • No Upfront Payments : we don’t ask for any upfront payments. We believe that our job is only done when you are satisfied with the work. That is why we are more than happy to be paid after the job is done.
  • Trained and Certified : every member of our crew has attended our own Kovar Contracting’s Safety Policy Workshop which includes training on working at heights, WHMIS, fall protection, and other safety training
  • Hassle-free turnkey services : we are ready to fix your roof leak in Ottawa today!
  • Certified installers with Velux
  • Competitive Prices : quality has its price, but we also take pride in helping as many people as we can. We would rather help more people at affordable prices than only a select few at higher prices. And because roofing is always a financial commitment, we offer financing options to accommodate your budget.
  • Coverage: we offer up to $5,000,000 in liability coverage, and all workers are covered by the Work Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Highly Recommended: it is obvious that we believe in our work and only natural for you to look for impressions from other customers. There are numerous private third-party sides with testimonials of our customers. Two examples are Homestars and Google.
  • Accredited : we proudly hold an A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Our team is ready for your roof leak repair in Ottawa. For more information on our services, financing options, or to receive an estimate, please give us a call at 613-799-1704 or write us at

Eavestroughs in Ottawa FAQ

Should Gutter Downspouts Touch the Ground?

It depends on the area that the downspout directs water to. If the ground around the end of the downspout has a good slope away from the home’s foundation then the endpoint of the downspout can sit slightly off the ground at the side of the house. If there is not such a slope then the downspout will need to be extended at least five feet away from the home to keep the water from infiltrating your basement. In this case, the extension will sit on the ground.

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

As a rule of thumb, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, ideally in spring and the fall. But it really depends on your situation. If you have large trees close to your home – for example, pine trees – then their foliage may frequently clog up your gutters. In that case, you may want to consider cleaning your gutters more frequently to prevent them from becoming clogged.

My Gutters Have Guards. Do I Still Need to Clean Them?

Yes. While gutter guards are great for keeping foliage out of the gutters themselves, that foliage will still need to be cleaned away. Gutter guards make cleaning your gutters easier but if they aren’t cleaned at least once a year (again, ideally twice a year) then the foliage will build up on the guards. As a result, your guards will be less effective and even allow some debris to end up in your gutters.

How Do I Know When I Need A New Eavestrough?

The easiest way to find out whether you need a new eavestrough is also slightly uncomfortable: go outside while it rains and look at your current eavestrough. If you detect leaks or the water is not flowing down the downspout properly or seems to be overflowing from the eavestrough, it is probably time to replace it or, at the very least, have a professional take a look at it. You can also take a look at your eavestrough while it is not raining. Indicators that there might be damage include cracks, stains, rust, and birds building nests (they wouldn’t build there if it was wet all the time as their nest would be swept away).

Can I Clean My Eavestroughs Myself?

Technically, yes – but there are a few things you should consider. Number one is that eavestrough cleaning can be dangerous as you will be standing on a ladder. Do not attempt to climb on the roof without the proper security measures! Secondly, having a professional looking after and cleaning your eavestrough brings the added bonus that they can detect minor issues and help prevent them from becoming bigger problems down the line.

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