The Benefits Of Attic Insulation

Oct 29, 2021

Attics are not just for storing items you have no use for, they act as a protective barrier from humidity, heat, and cold weather. If you’re in Ottawa like we are, you’ll appreciate having great attic insulation during the winter season.

Many homeowners overlook or completely forget the importance of attic insulation, which can decrease the energy efficiency of your home.

A poorly insulated attic causes higher heating and cooling bills, as the large unoccupied space allows energy to escape. This can cause your home to feel drafty and bring discomfort to everyone in the house.

Attic insulation is an essential home improvement that will help stabilize temperatures throughout the house, increase energy efficiency, and help keep your roof in good condition.

Keep Your Roof Protected

During the winter months, a home’s heat needs to be turned on constantly.

home in winter with snow on roof

However, with poor attic insulation, all the heat will escape and begin warming the shingles on the roof. This may melt the snow sitting atop the shingles and cause the water to flow towards the eavestrough.

Once the temperature drops again, the melted water will refreeze and create ice dams. These ice dams have a negative impact on your roof’s shingles, not to mention the damages inflicted on the gutters.

With proper attic insulation, heat transfer is greatly reduced, keeping your home warm and your roof protected.

Lower Utility Bills

Ottawa winters are known to be cold and unforgiving, making it a must to keep your home warm for the entire season.

Having the heat turned on for months can get expensive, and even more so if the warm air is escaping from the attic. A properly insulated attic has been proven to reduce your energy bills anywhere from 10 to 50 percent.

The insulation will create an air barrier that makes the attic airtight, ensuring no heat is lost or warming the shingles.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

While insulation is known for keeping cool or warm air indoors, it also plays a vital role in keeping outdoor air pollutants from coming inside.

happy family in their livingroom

Pollutants such as dust, dirt, mold, and mildew can enter your home through air leaks caused by poor air sealing and insulation. As these harmful particles accumulate, they can severely affect your indoor air quality and pose a health hazard to your family or household members.

Improving or adding new insulation to your attic will prevent the airborne toxins from coming inside your home, allowing your loved ones to breathe in clean and healthy air.

By removing the old insulation, you’ll be getting rid of the air pollutants that have previously accumulated.

Attic Insulation Services in Ottawa

Do you feel as though your home is never cool or warm enough, despite having the thermostat cranked up (or down) to the extremes?

Warm and cool air can escape easily through small cracks and holes in the attic walls if there isn’t adequate insulation preventing it from passing through.

The attic is one of the best and easiest places to insulate, as it’s away from daily household traffic and acts as a barrier between your home and the outdoors.

Whether your attic is in need of completely new insulation or just an additional layer, our expert contractors at Kovar Roofing have the expertise and tools needed to provide you with the best possible results in no time.

Reach out to us to learn more about attic insulation benefits and get a free, no-obligation quote today.