Why You Need Rooftop Snow Removal for Winter

Dec 4, 2020

Generally speaking, roofs are designed to withstand a huge load. But there’s a limit to that.

Ottawa homeowners are well familiar with how harsh winters can be. Accumulated snow can cause severe damage to your roof and property and become a threat to your family.

To ensure winter conditions and snow don’t wreak havoc on your roof, you need to maintain your roof properly. That’s why routine roof snow removal secures your roof from ice and potential collapse.

Sure, you can remove snow from the roof on your own, but that can be a tedious and dangerous task. Instead, consider hiring an Ottawa roofer.

Why Roof Snow Removal Is Important

snow on ottawa roofYour roof has a specific load-bearing capacity.

When there’s a little bit of snow, there’s no need to worry about it. But, you’re no stranger to Ottawa winters and know how harsh and snowy they can be.

What’s more, wet snow weighs more than dry snow and can even infiltrate your house and cause leaks. And not only that, it causes too much stress on your roof, which can make it sag. Depending on the condition of your roof, too much snow can even cause it to collapse.

If you don’t consider roof snow removal, the snow can eventually clog up your chimney and vents, which increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Finally, too much snow and cold conditions can form ice dams that can fall and injure someone.

When It’s Time for Ottawa Roofing

snow and ice on roofYou might be uncertain as to when you should clear snow from your roof.

Do you need to deal with it as soon as the first snow stops falling? Or do you wait for it to pile up?

While there’s no need to clean the snow that’s 2-3 inches, if it gets to 6 inches or more, it’s time to deal with it. Plus, if you wait for a long time before removing snow, there’s more risk of it getting too wet, thus damaging your roof even more.

Other signs can help you determine whether it’s time to clean the snow.

For example, are there ice dams on the roof? Can you hear creaking sounds inside your house? Or, are there cracks in the walls? These are tell-tale signs you should clean snow from the roof.

Why Should You Hire Ottawa Roofer?

snow on ottawa roofIf you’ve noticed the above signs and think it’s time to clean snow from the roof, don’t grab a shovel and try to do it on your own.

Due to the harshness of winter and the amount of snow in Ottawa, it’s best to hire a professional Ottawa roofer to help you deal with snow on your roof.

Ottawa roofing is a serious task because professionals do not only have the right equipment, we also have the expertise that’ll ensure snow removal goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

You don’t have to worry about a damaged roof membrane and potential new leaks with a hired professional. And the best thing about hiring professionals? Once we clean the snow, we can tell you if there’s any damage to your roof and to what extent.

Contact Kovar Roofing in Ottawa today to find out more.